• Fair, hassle-free water billing

    Techem’s Turnkey Billing Solution for high quality, water billing

    We provide a full service from device to bill, ensuring fair, usage based hassle free billing

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  • The advantages of water submetering

    Water submetering

    The fair method to distribute water costs in
    multi-family housing and for housing associations

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  • Techem company information


    Your partner for hassle-free water billing

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Welcome to Techem USA, home of the Turnkey Billing Solution

Looking for individual water billing according to actual usage- but without the hassle? Techem provides just that. The Techem Turnkey Billing Solution provides assurance of high quality service, from installation and reading to billing and value added services. With the Turnkey Billing Solution there is no need to invest in expensive submetering equipment, no time wasted coordinating the meter reading, calculating / sending of invoices, and processing payments. Techem will manage it for you.